A Hole In A Flute Music
1. All There Is Is This (Tony Parsons) 3:37
2. You Are What You're Looking For (Papaji) 4:43
3. Awareness Is Ever There (Nisargadatta Maharaj) 4:44
4. Be A Lamp Unto Yourself (Buddha) 3:48
5. Only The Sound (Tony Parsons) 3:58
6. The 'I Am' That You Are (David Carse) 3:56
7. A Hole In A Flute (Hafiz) 5:29
8. Don't Disturb Your Mind (Nisargadatta Maharaj) 3:21
9. The Fragrance Of A Rose (Lao-tzu) 5:07
10. We Dance 'Round In A Ring (Robert Frost) 4:15
11. We Are The Ocean And The Wave (Tony Parsons) 3:43
12. The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Within (Jesus) 4:28
13. You Can't Get There From Here (David Carse) 2:19
"This is about remembering child-like wonder." Tony Parsons
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